It’s the season for festivals not just in India, but also all over the world. With Halloween, Christmas and New Year round the corner there is a constant buzz of excitement in the air. In India, it is also the season for weddings. Now that the monsoon season is well and truly past us, weddings bells are chiming in across many a household. While this is not exactly the case in Europe or the US, where traditionally the peak wedding season happens to be the warm summer months, there are changes afoot. Many folks opt for a ‘holiday tinged’ December wedding, revelling in the beautiful snowed in landscapes for their photoshoots.


Moreover, weddings are now increasingly managed by professional event planners  who have their hands full with requests for unique, stand-out society events. They are expected to plan, organize, and do up the venue with perfection. But how does one make a wedding stand out distinctively?


That’s where interior and exterior accessories come in. Wedding decorators and even event planners are turning more and more to aesthetic appeal in the interior decoration of venues. It’s not just a huge chandelier that can add grandeur to a wedding venue, but tasteful arrangement of lighting can make the difference in the mood and ambience of that special day. Paper lamps and paper lanterns, which were once considered only as holiday decorations, are now making a grand entry even to the world of weddings. With theme weddings all the rage, these kind of holiday decorations allow event designers flexibility in design and recreating different kinds of atmosphere, and affordability in planning. For instance, the soft glow from paper lanterns can give weddings an intimate, family-focused feel while hanging clusters of lamps from the ceiling provide a more celebratory feel to weddings. Even during the day, differently colored paper lamps can provide much-needed color to a white ceiling or a marquee tent creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Weddings often struggle to capture the emotions behind the occasion, easily getting lost in the carousing and celebrations. But there is scope for charm and understated elegance and this is where colorful lanterns are making the difference.