Weddings are always fun. But there is also an underlying nervousness that pervades everyone. Especially, the wedding decorators. With increasing demand from brides and grooms to personalize this special day in their lives, the onus for making their dream come true falls on the people who make all the arrangements. Lighting plays a big role in making the venue inviting and vibrant, and this is where paper lamp shades come in. Here are five great ways to use foldable paper lamps or other party accessory to make your wedding eco-friendly as well as memorable!



Hanging Star Lanterns twinkling all around

Lit up Hanging Star Lanterns never fail to bring out a smile. They always accentuate the dreamy happiness of the occasion and adds a spark to even the plainest of venues. Make the wedding top table stand out with small paper stars. Stringing a series of paper star lights behind a transparent cloth to serve as the backdrop to the table is probably not unique now. But what about hanging them in front of the table and all around as well? That will not only make it look extra festive but if the ceremony is outdoors, in a plain colored tent, this will add a superb contrast.

These Hanging Star Lanterns look beautiful in any wedding



Paper lamp shades for the great outdoors

Speaking of weddings outdoors, more and more people are opting for quirky and offbeat venues that offer the pristine beauty of green spaces or snowy landscapes. But to customize these settings, and make them come alive to match the occasion, wedding decorators are turning to foldable paper lamps for their bright colours and versatility. Hanging  paper lanterns in bunches, grapes style, can achieve a stunning effect. Hang them all around, on the surrounding trees, poles, and in and around the tent. For shrubs, tiny paper stars or similar accessories can do the trick. Or take plain or colored strings of paper lights, and circle the shrubs with them instead of just draping them in the usual way. If you are aiming for classy and elegant, light inside paper can bring that perfect brilliant but muted effect to the occasion.

Beautifully Designed Star Shaped Foldable Paper Lamps



Festoons and bistro lights

Beautiful landscapes do enhance the setting for a wedding but having it indoors can be beneficial in a lot more ways. You don’t have to submit to the vagaries of the weather for one. And having a wedding indoors also offers more choices for decorations and lighting effects. One of the hottest trends in lighting this year has been the employment of LED operated Chain/String Lights. 

These unique party accessory have been constructed using various paper folding techniques. Modern design elements have been blended with traditional craft techniques to create this unique event decor accessories.

These Party String Lights look beautiful, and are economical to run and safe for Children. Party string lights provide an array of possibilities for decorating at all times not just during wedding season. Our collection comes in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be used in bedrooms, living rooms or patios. These Party accessory  keep homes bright and add luminosity and elegance to homes.

Most event decoration accessories in our collection fold flat and can be easily converted into three dimensional shape. These string lights can be lit up using battery or mains power. We offer 10 LED bulbs with battery power or 20 LED bulbs with transformer powered by mains supply. We use UL and CE approved electricals in our string lights.


Brightness without light

Foldable paper lamps go a long way in creating a beautiful wedding backdrop even during the daytime. You don’t need bulbs or lights. Just hang ‘chandeliers’ of paper lamp shades printed with designs, add some twirls and swirls with fistful of ribbons, and you have a wedding venue bursting with color and exuberant vibes. Intersperse them with strings of paper decorations for added effect.


Warm winter weddings

Winter can be a beautiful time for weddings because it also coincides with the holiday season. Forget the dropping temperatures outside and create a warm-hued, cozy atmosphere with soft-glowing paper stars. Not only do they match the holiday mood but they also look great when hung over tables. Or be different and take some of those medium sized, multi-pointed stars and place them like lanterns on the tables to create a unique aura. Make them table centerpieces and surround them with some tea lights to make it warm and bright.


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