Ikea may not have made its way to India yet, but that icon of do-it-yourself furniture has made its mark internationally as the world’s largest furniture retailer by selling products that were easily accessible and affordable paper lamps. Today though, customers are increasingly seeking diverse and bespoke luxury products in the interior design space. A well furnished and well planned home becomes an expression of one’s individual identity, tastes, and status in life. Bespoke interiors today incorporate some of the latest designs from diverse sources, creating a home that is warm, friendly, and expressive at the same time.


Luxury,however, need not always come with a price tag. Home decoration accessories such as star lanterns or paper lamps or paper lamp shades can transform a house into a home with a heart in an instant without minimal effort and fuss. Handcrafted holiday decorations, even something as simple as paper lamps, can be used to add a touch of class to your home all the year round. Often, lighting can be the crucial element transforming the simplest of interiors into one of elegance and grace. There are a plethora of options from chandeliers that give off a brilliant sparkle to paper lamps, which if artfully placed can make a huge difference. At 29June, we believe that we have just the right product to suit your interior requirements by conceptualizing well designed paper lamps. What’s more, buying big does not mean a corresponding dent in your wallet.


Luxury also does not mean our products are all just handcrafted glamor. Our emphasis is on bespoke products that are also eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable, a perfect confluence of the exterior with the interior. The use of locally sourced biodegradable materials and a workforce that comprises local artisans ensure that we blend in tradition with modernity, and rustic with contemporary.


Throughout the year, we provide discounts 24x7, which is already inbuilt in the website. You do not have to wait for the right season or the festival for the right price to buy our Paper Lamps. Our discount structure operates throughout the year ranging from 5%-20% of the total purchase for all orders above USD500 (and that includes free shipping). In simple terms, this is a steal. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our range of home decoration accessories and be prepared to change your house from meh to marvellous.